Garcinia Cambogia During Pregnancy – Is it Safe?


Losing excess weight comes with several benefits. However, this may not always be the case. There are some ways of losing weight which cannot be described as being safe outright.

Exaggerated dieting has brought a number of health problems to many people. There are circumstances which are not ideal for weight loss programs either.

Garcinia Cambogia ExtractWhen a person has an existing medical condition, then the method of losing weight if necessary at all comes into question. Usually, in the desire to lose weight fast, people may choose to use supplements like Garcinia Cambogia Extract.

While this is a product that is widely considered to be safe and effective, there are several situations that call for extreme caution when using it.  Click on the following link to know about Garcinia cambogia side effects and benefits.

When you are pregnant, there is considerable strain to your body. The child takes its nutrition from you and this is bound to leave you less strong than you would ordinarily be. You also have to handle the extra weight that its development brings to your body.

Your body will sometimes gain some weight to help keep the body healthy. However, this does not mean that excessive weight gain should be ignored. The truth is that being extremely overweight during pregnancy can come with risks to both you and the baby.

Adding more weight than is required is a common problem that many expectant mothers have to deal with. This is when many women feel that they would benefit from using Garcinia Cambogia extract.

However it needs to be emphasized that using weight loss pills are not recommended when you are pregnant. Garcinia Cambogia, for example, works by blocking the formation of fat from sugars consumed and suppressing the appetite.

This can prove to be dangerous given your situation. For starters, you need to consume sufficient food to cater for your unborn child’s needs. When your appetite is suppressed, you may deny the baby important nutrients which can cause developmental problems for it.

At the same time, your body is already very much strained from pregnancy. By exposing yourself to the supplement, you will simply be increasing this strain.

Hence, if you feel that you really need to shed a bit of weight during your pregnancy, you are better consulting your doctor or checking out few pure garcinia cambogia reviews. There are several measures that he can prescribe for you to help control your weight in light of your condition. Garcinia Cambogia fruit extract should never be used without the due guidance of a doctor during pregnancy.

How to Keep Skin Healthy Easily

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A healthy skin is a reflection of the body within. There is nothing more obsessed over in the world today than how we look or how others perceive us. We all want to look our best at all times, however difficult this might be. This includes having a healthy flawless skin. To achieve this you will need to invest in equipment. But how exactly will you keep a healthy skin even with the equipment?

Healthy skin tips

Eat properly

What we eat will eventually be evident on our skin. That’s why you smell garlic when you consume garlic. For a healthy skin make sure to eat a balanced diet with full grains, healthy proteins, vitamins and minerals. If you want outstanding results, your vegetables and fruits portion should be 80% more than anything else on your plate. It is also important to note the foods that you should cut out or reduce to improve your skin: these include empty carbohydrates and sugar found in sweets, cakes and sodas among others. It is also important to include essential oils in your diet which can be through foods such as fish, salmon and nuts.

Drink lots of water

This is perhaps the most popular solution to a healthy skin, but also the most underutilized. Scientifically, water flushes out all toxins within the body that could be harmful to your skin. Water also is vital for your blood component that supplies your skin with oxygen and fills your cells to make your skin look supple.

Protect your skin from the sun

Small amounts of sunlight are good and healthy for your skin; you get vitamin D from the sun. However, too much of the sun is harmful: it causes cancer and increases aging. To avoid this, wear protective gear or clothing, avoid the sun when it’s too hot and always use sunscreen. Moisturizing before you go to bed will also be beneficial for your skin.

Sleep well

Sleep produces positive hormones such as serotonin that have a great effect on your skin. It also reduces stress hormones that have a negative effect on your skin. It is during sleep that your body heals and rejuvenates itself. Lack of sleep will mean that your cells are not properly mending. This will lead to an unhealthy looking skin that will have signs of age. So, sleep is really for beauty.


Most people do not relate working out with a healthy skin. However, exercises will improve your cardiovascular activity ensuring that enough blood gets to your skin. This will not only bring nutrients to the surface but will also remove toxins from the skin. Moreover, your skin will glow from the serotonin produced during a workout.

Other measures coupled with working out will give you a healthy skin. However, it is important to note that without proper health for the rest of the body your skin cannot be healthy. To boost your health get a Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym or Total gym XLS Trainer today. See references for more info.


Pure Garcinia Cambogia Dr Oz vs Plexus

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Hyped by celebrities and product manufacturers, weight loss is the trending ‘thing’ across the world. However, other than aesthetics, weight loss has several health benefits such as improved circulation, lower risk of a heart attack among others. Loss of weight also improves self-esteem and greatly reduces the occurrence of depression. Slimmer people are also associated with increased energy levels thus more activity.

Whereas the traditional weight loss methods of eating healthy and working out is effective, ti is time consuming and may take too long before any real results are obtained. This is why there has been an increase in both study and production of alternative and faster ways of losing weight; supplements and pills. Natural supplements such as Garcinia cambogia Dr Oz is one of the effective methods of weight loss.

Garcinia cambogia and how it works

Garcinia Cambogia ExtractGarcinia cambogia extract is obtained from a fruit of a similar name found in Asia. It has been in use for several hundred years to make curries and treat stomach upsets. More recently, it has been known as the ‘holy grail of weight loss’ a term used by Dr. Oz on his show while recommending Garcinia cambogia as a successful weight loss product.

The active component of this supplement is known as HCA. It increases metabolism, reduces appetite and increases a hormone responsible for making you feel good thus no emotional feeding. HCA also blocks fat absorption into the body. The supplement is available in pills or capsules. You are supposed to take at least 1500mg per day for it to work, 500mg 20 minutes before every meal. Garcinia cambogia produces great results within a few short weeks with no side effects.


This is a mixture of several natural chemical components; acids, antioxidants, fibre and sweeteners. It is found in the market in powder form which requires you to take with water. Like Garcinia cambogia, the mixture is taken before meals for best results. The components work together to suppress appetite, increase metabolism, reduce cravings, create a full stomach effect and detoxify your body all at once. These benefits sounds too good to be true, and probably they are. Plexus especially the accelerator has been analysed and found to contain DMAA which has serious side effects such as elevated blood pressure. It also creates a gassy feeling leaving you bloated.

Even though there are many weight loss products in the market, it is only wise to look carefully in to the ingredients that make these products work. Some of the products could have adverse effects to your health. Moreover, a good product such as Garcinia cambogia, due to its popularity could have so many manufacturers. The important thing is to check carefully for its quality such as checking the amount of the HCA or active component (which should be 50-60%), packaging, and other additional components. If you are new in the weight loss picture, get a Garcinia cambogia extract from a very reliable distributor. It is also vital to look at the reviews of different product in the market. All in all, Garcinia cambogia will give you incredible results within a few weeks.

What is a mini facelift?

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Many celebrities opt for plastic and cosmetic procedures as they age because of the pressure of being under the keen eye of the public. Both the press and fans alike have an interest in any celebrity’s life and any sign of aging in a person is sure to get tongues wagging. And there are several cosmetic procedures that they can choose to go for. From Botox treatments to breast lifts, science has indeed made it easier and safer to get a few years out of your appearance.

Mini facelift before after

Mini facelifts are also a popular procedure for many people who feel that their advancing ages are somewhat ruining their beauty. There is a difference between a facelift focusing on the entire face and a mini facelift. In the case of a mini facelift, the focus is on some aspects of the face. The ones commonly focused upon are the cheeks, mid-face as well as the lower eyelids. The procedure is aimed at having the face achieve better balance with the lower third of the face and neck being lifted.

Like with most cosmetic surgeries, there are risks to think about. These include nerve damage, scarring which is noticeable as well as anaesthesia effects. Nevertheless, mini facelifts, like all cosmetic surgery procedures have been made a lot safer.

Contrary to what you may believe that this particular procedure is meant for the person whose aging process is compromising the appearance, there are several young people who have opted for it as well. many young celebrities have gone ahead to have mini face-lifts done on them to keep them looking hot all the time.

Kellie Pickler is one of the celebrities that has gone for this procedure despite the fact that she is widely considered by many to still be in her heyday. Aside from the facelift, Kellie Pickler has seemingly had a boob job as well and probably other procedures done on her. Nevertheless, she looks even more ravishing and seems to be enjoying the attention that comes with it. She has however, chosen the path of many famous people to remain mum over her cosmetic surgery escapades.

A mini face-lift is an attractive procedure to the person not keen on going the whole way with a full face lift. Many female and male celebrities have chosen to have this surgery as the elements of sagging become apparent in their looks. Nicki Minaj is also said to have gone for a mini face-lift at least once and it was rumoured not to have been a success. This is because the procedure left her with some folds of skin on her neck just near the place where her ears are.

Like with any other cosmetic surgery, it is important to go for a professional who has done the surgeries before to reduce the likelihood of mistakes.

Mini face-lifts come with huge advantages to the appearance of an individual when done correctly by the most experienced surgeon. Many old women and men still look ravishing after successful mini face lifts.

Types of Plastic Surgery

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Plastic SurgeryPlastic surgery is usually done to enhance the form as well as functionality of different body parts. There are several types of plastic surgery targeting different parts of the body. When the process has been successful, your body gets not only more beautiful, but more functional in some cases. The costs, complexity of procedure as well as recovery times are all determined by the kind of procedure you will be going for.

Below are some of the types of plastic surgeries most commonly carried out:

1. Abdominoplasty – Aimed at making the abdomen more firm. In the event that one losses weight fast, the skin surrounding the belly is bound to sag and the best way to counter this is by getting a tummy tuck. Tummy tuck is the other term for abdominoplasty.

2. Blepharoplasty – This is usually the surgery of choice for those born with drooping eyelids. With such eyes, vision may not be as perfect as necessary and one may even look older than they are. Hence, this surgery improves both the appearance of an individual and his vision.

3. Face lift – Wrinkles are bound to appear on your face once you start aging. To remove the skin causing the wrinkles, you might need to have a face lift. This is also done to remove excessive facial skin.

4. Buttock augmentation – Implants are inserted in the buttocks to enhance the size or even to lift them. This procedure is mainly chosen by those women born with less than generous behinds.

5. Breast augmentation – Women usually opt for this kind of surgery to raise, reduce or enhance the breasts. The implants used might also enhance the shape of your breasts.

6. Liposuction – This kind of surgery is done to remove or reduce fat found in different parts of the body. The abdominal area, thighs and buttocks are the most targeted parts for this kind of transformation.

7. Chemical peel – This procedure aims at correcting the face that has been beset by wrinkles and effects of such skin diseases as acne.

8. Otoplasty – For those seeking to reshape their ears. Normally, the target is to make them closer to the head.

9. Rhinoplasty – Also referred to as a nose job. This is normally done to alter the size and shape of the nose. Many people choose it to make the nose sharper and slimmer. Nose job pictures can be found on

10. Chin augmentation – Use of implants to influence the shape and size of the chin.

11. Cheek augmentation – Cheekbones can be raised or reshaped thanks to implants.

To get the best experience, you need to learn as much as possible about the procedure you will be going for. You need to know that some surgeries may flop as did the Ashley Simpson nose job which almost changed her completely though some people know it as one of the best plastic surgeries. Knowing all your options might also save you some time and money. Non surgical nose job before and after results may be better because you get to avoid the invasive surgery via use of fillers.

More about Dr Oz Garcinia Cambogia Extract Pure

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Dr Oz Pure Garcinia CambogiaTaking supplements is one of the best ways to lose weight and help increase muscle mass when working out. However, even as you take supplements you should always ensure that the supplements you use have all the natural ingredients that are approved by FDA. One of the best supplements you can take is Dr Oz garcinia cambogia extract pure.

Dr Oz, a fun television presenter presented to his audience this supplement as medical breakthrough that have practical application. Was amazed by the results of the research but was skeptical as well. This is why he gave the supplement to two of his audience to go check it out. The two women took the supplement for 5 consecutive days and one lost two pounds and the other six pounds, which is far much better than diets.

What is garcinia cambogia pure extract?

Dr Oz garcinia cambogia extract pure is a supplement extracted from a fruit grown in India and other Asian countries. This mysterious fruit is rare to find and many websites are now striving to sell the extracts making it more popular. It is an amazing fat burner that is advocated by Dr OZ as the safest and fast natural weight loss ingredient.

Why garcinia cambogia?

Dr Oz garcinia cambogia supplement is more than just appetite suppressant. It is a powerful fat burner and metabolism booster while reducing emotional eating. Supplements formula with the extract has potent ingredients that cause amazing effects to weight loss without having to care about diet or exercises. Garcinia cambogia is loaded with essential minerals, fibers, vitamins and other essential nutrients needed for fat burning process. Popular comparison –

How does it work?

The supplement contains hyroxycitric acid (HCA) which is very important for weight loss purposes. HCA dictates your brains to release serotine which helps in passing a signal to the brain that the stomach is full thus preventing snacking between meals. When you don’t eat much your body is compelled to release stored fat cells to be used to provide energy to the body. HCA regulates serotine levels, lowering it to ensure you eat less.

This supplement also helps in accelerating the process of thermogenesis. It then increases body’s metabolism to accelerate fat burning process thus reduced weight.

Where can I buy Dr Oz garcinia cambogia extract pure?

Since this supplement is popular all over the world, thousands of retailers are selling it. However, it is good to understand that there are scams. To avoid purchasing ineffective supplement, it is good to purchase it from a trusted supplier and most preferably from manufacturer site.

This supplement for weight loss is an incredible weight loss resolution that has changed the lives of countless people. Try it out! You have nothing to lose and I can assure you the results will be great.

Has Kim Kardashian Had Plastic Surgery?

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Kim Kardashian, 33, is a great performer in hit TV reality shows. She is also well-known for her workout DVDs, a scandalous video of 2006 with her boy friend and a boutique that she opened with her sisters. She has recently given birth to her daughter Nori Kanye.

Being a celebrity, Kim Kardashian also wanted to remain fit and up-to-date as far as her physique is concerned. She attributes her recent younger looks to the workouts that she has been doing before and after the child birth. She has attributed everything about her physique to her intense and targeted workouts.

Anyhow, the onlookers and critics are of the view that she can not get that kind of body in just 2 months after giving birth to her daughter. This is entirely the job of a plastic surgeon. According to them, she must have gone through plastic surgery of her face, butts, breasts, neck and nose (rhinoplasty). A magazine has also claimed that she spent $80,000 on going through the procedures that led her to get a well-toned body. Even though, we believe Fergie spent more comparing to her. Anyway, check out the story about “Fergie under the knife” – Fergie Plastic Surgery – Nose Job, Breast Augmentation and Facelift

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery

Here, the important thing is that both Kim Kardashian and her mate Kanye have a stand-point that she has not gone through a surgery. Mr. Kanye opines that his mother Donda died in 2007 due to the complexities that arose from the same type plastic surgeries and he would never allow Kim to go through the same process. She even went to the extent of saying ‘I am very frustrated today seeing reports that I got surgery to lose my baby weight!”. She added, ‘I was dedicated, and I was motivated. It was the hardest challenge of my life.’

Kim also claimed that her gorgeous physique and beautiful face are due to her genetic pattern and her workouts. This may be true only to some extent as we see a huge difference in her looks when we see her picture during the last few months.

The reason sounds good, but all the odds are against this argument. For instance, how was it possible for Kim to lose 70 pounds of weight in just 2 months? If she had been doing workouts during pregnancy, was it possible to bear a child and lose weight so fast at the same time?

Secondly, when we observe before and after pictures of Kim Kardashian plastic surgery, we see some differences in the shapes of her body parts. Kim was really struggling with her weight during the last two months of pregnancy.

Kim’s body shape has drastically changed in some ways and the insiders claim that her new physique is the result of massive overhaul through plastic surgery. Now, Kim has admitted that she has gone through some minor surgical procedures including the use of Botox around the eyes, massage to melt fat, and so on.

A source has claimed, “Kim had lipo on her legs and the doctor moved the fat into her butt.” So, all the above odds show that she must have gone through a plastic surgery to overhaul her body and face.

How to Add Fun to Your Traveling

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No matter how much you spend on your traveling to any destination, it can never bring fun into it as long as you do not put an effort to make the traveling worth memorising for your brain. It is not only about spending money but also to plan accordingly as your requirements so you can make most of it. Lively people know the art to make every moment special, but other people can also make their tour marvellous by keeping some things in mind and acting upon them in the time of need. Here are some of the basic things to avoid tiredness and to make a journey full of fun.


Importance of time – dawn and dusk

Many people miss the charm of traveling by sleeping all day long and missing the entire part of fun. If you really want to make you tour entertaining, then try your best to wake up early in the morning and do the stuff you want to do; spend time watching the sun rise and find peace in the setting sun.

Water and you

The relation of water and you can bring a lot of fun into your time. Spend as much as time you can spend in water; visit beaches, swimming pools and play water sports to the limits and swim along the waves to the paradise of peace. And by any means, if your destination has seas around it, then cruise in ship and make your day special; have a dinner on a private yacht.

Discover things – stop frequently

Try to stop after every 2 or 3 hours of drive and discover the area and its beauty. A road trip can be made more special by this thing. It will keep your body and mid active. Don’t try to cover thousand miles in a day; instead of it, try to cover 300 miles but with a lot of memories at every stop your make.

Play games – tournaments of your own rules

Play sports which can keep you active like cricket, badminton, volleyball or football. Make silly rules and organise games. It will give you some of the most cheerful moments of your life. These games will not only make you active, but also will keep your mind cool and happy.

Keep your taste buds in your control

Food always makes the journey more enjoyable and it is the thing which takes a lot of money. The thing here to understand is that you should not act like a food maniac, but keep your diet balanced; eat whatever you want but be specific according to time and do not try many things at a single meal time. It will keep your fresh as well as interested in food of your traveling area.

These tips can keep your journey full of fun and you can even make it livelier by adding the ideas of your own mind. Never travel without being happy and you will keep traveling all your life, because there is no fun in any other thing like traveling and discovering different people and culture.

Guest contribution from Quinn, a freelance writer and the co-founder of

Rhinoplasty Recovery Time

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Rhinoplasty refers to the procedures done on the nose to enhance appearance and even improve on functions. Contrary to popular belief, some people incur a nose job cost primarily to correct an anomaly of the nose which prevents them from breathing properly.

Rhinoplasty Before and After

The fact remains however that in most instances, people choose to have these procedures done for cosmetic reasons. Whether it is done to enhance the appearance of nostrils, tip and even bridge of your nose, the self-confidence gotten after a successful procedure is amazing. Good news is it’s not too much costly either. Here is the price list

When you are going for any plastic surgery procedure, one factor that stands out is that your safety ought to be paramount. When the surgeon declares you a rightful candidate for the surgery, you still have to think of the implication of recovery.

After the surgery is completed, a splint will usually be placed on the inside of your nose while bandages will be put on the outside. These are meant to provide support for the new features that the surgery has added to your nose. The surgeon may advise you to wear the splint for a week after going through this procedure.

During the time of recovery, you may notice slight swellings and bruises around the area of operation. Your surgeon will inform you of the signs that point to an infection. The swellings and bruises may be harmless and will abate after two weeks.

Over a period of the next six months, you may notice that there remains a slight swelling. Provided your doctor has ascertained that this is normal, you really have nothing to worry about. Nonetheless, you need to know the best means of taking good care of the site operated. You may need to take oral medications and apply some to the skin to avoid infection and boost the speed of proper healing.

In as much as the surgery is done on your nose, you will need to take some precautions with your general lifestyle. For example, your surgeon will let you know that in three to four weeks after the procedure, you need not engage in strenuous exercises. This may compromise your journey to recovery.

At the same time, you may need to scale down on your attendance of social events if you do not want it to be apparent that you had a nose job performed on you. The swelling may be visible if you choose to go out with friends one week after the nose job. In this regard, you need to watch out for the manner in which the nose heals before you can resume active social situations once again.

After six months, the nose will usually have healed well enough for you to continue with your life as usual. Ensure that you follow all the directions given by the doctor on how to take care of your nose.

If there are any problems signs in an abnormal swelling or discharge, you need to have it checked as soon as possible. Taking it easy during your early days of recovery will aid the process greatly. Use all medications as prescribed and be keen to note any changes, however little. Once your nose has healed properly, its shape will be more apparent and it is then that you will find immense self-esteem from it.

Dog Health Care Information

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What does it take to have a dog as pet? For someone who does not own a dog, the answer could differentiate according to their mind-set, as someone would say that it takes money and for someone it takes nothing but just gives fun to have a dog as pet. But in reality, you have to have it to feel what it takes. Owning a pet is as easy as anything but one should be aware of the thing that pets need care and attention to be healthy; not only physically but mentally too.

Dog Health Care

It always feels wonderful to have a mentally and physically healthy pet. And to have a healthy pet one should take care of it just like a family member as the need a lot more attention than human beings. Owning a dog means that you are supposed to know each and everything about dogs, like their common problems and diseases. For example if your dog is suffering from some kind of skin allergy then you should be aware of what is the best dog food for dogs with skin allergies?

Basic cleaning, training & trimming

Just like normal human beings, our dogs also like tidiness and want to feel fresh all the time. So, it’s necessary to do some certain jobs on regular basis like cleaning their ears, trimming their nails, litter training and giving them bath. You would love it doing so and your pet would love you for offer your services in his betterment.

Every living being deserves healthy diet:No, it does not mean you have to feed your dog with some restaurant’s meals or take him with you on some buffet. The thing which matters is that are you feeding your dog quality food? Feed your dog that type of quality food which you would like to have.

Prevention & treatment

Prevention is always considered better than cure. In dogs, the biggest concern, which owners face, is shedding. I also faced this situation when my dog’s hair was used to be all over my house and I was getting taunted by my parents over the issue. Dog shedding is natural and its amount differs from breed to breed but it’s always better to prevent something bad before happening of it. It was really a nightmare for me until I started using dog shedding products to overcome the issue. Every pet owner is supposed to be attentive to note small things of their dog to prevent issues like shedding.

Punctuality in vaccine visits

No matter how hard you try to take care of you dog some bacteria and viruses are so much common around us that they easily attack our beloved dogs without even our notice. To prevent this thing happening to your dog, you should be very much punctual and caring about their visits to appropriate place for vaccinations.

Dogs love sports & it is healthy

As written here, sports is the only thing by practicing which any living being can enjoy and make its mind and body healthy and fresh. Dogs love to play and it helps them to understand different things.

Even you can teach your dog anything by just playing and doing different exercises; it helps them to be in shape, they feel fresh and happy and even the owner feels proud to have an active dog. In short, play with your dog by managing a little bit time of your busy day.